Headshot of photographer Lary Rauh and her cameras
Lary Rauh on set


Lary Rauh is a 20 year old, German photographer, residing in the region around Stuttgart. Her initial interest in fashion and design eventually led her to take up photography, which she has been pursuing for half a decade now. She directs and styles most of her shoots herself, having a background in self-portraiture, and also has a deep passion for sewing, as well as environmental matters. In the future, she’s striving to professionally combine her creative streak with her interest in sustainability.

Noteworthy achievements include: designing and crafting theater costumes at age 15, shooting a jewellery campaign for Stuttgart-based label Goldknopf and making it on the cover of Anticipate Magazine wearing a self-made jacket, both at age 17; styling several published editorials as well as Miss Germany 2019, having the Spectrum editorial featured in a store window in the heart of Stuttgart.