all white self portrait by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh

T his is my  – one and only – all white look I submitted to the crispy clean gallery of the Parsons x Teen Vogue program that I enrolled to last summer. As someone who constantly drops food (not intentionally, I’m not a monster) white clothing doesn’t really pay off, which is why roughly 80% of my wardrobe has shifted into a black abyss focusing rather on the variety of shapes and textures. Of course, owning a full light absorbing wardrobe not only makes getting dressed a lot easier as you can never not look put well together. It motivates to draw attention to the importance of details such as clean seams, material and refinement. However, as I’m opening up to change, I’m also starting to slowly invite colour and light reflecting materials back into my wardrobe. Definitely look out for these in the near future! Back to the assignment.

How to improvise an all white look when all you ever wear is black

When it said „all white, please“ my mind went on an internal shopping trip through my closet (even though it’s just across the room, given I’m practically chained to my desk) in desperate search of something – anything – white. Well, I do own a white dress. But guess what, it’s partly covered with black lace resembling the fur of a cow. No such luck in that department. The internal shopping spree continued. Until [dramatic pause] I found that I got quite a few white shirts, only to then realise that I didn’t own a single white bottom item of clothing. Back to zero. Or maybe not [insert ambiguously smiling emoji], maybe I could just (mis)use one of the shirts. With an pretty emphasised emphasis on misuse. And that’s what I did. Paired with a quick stroke of blue eyeliner it made up for quite a fresh look, which gets me quite inspired to try more bright looks lately. Minus shoes because – you’ve got to understand – I don’t do all-white shoes… Yet. Too much pressure keeping them white.

Last but not least: Let’s talk about my hair. Wearing it slicked back and wet-looking was one of my favourite looks last summer. Sadly it’s also a look I can’t rock right now unless I wanted my actually wet hair to freeze to my head, given the temperatures outside. It would be a hell of a look, though. Aside from the heaps of water and gel I had to put into my hair to keep it this way, the slick back / wet hair look gave me the “freedom” to go without bangs for the first time after a while, again. Therefore it has contributed to my transition. In fact, it has probably been the first subliminal sign of my decision to change my look, my way of life and getting things done, my way of thinking and being more mindful.

Let me know in the comments down below, whether you prefer all white or all black outfits. Or whether you’re particularly daring and even opt for real, bright colours? Would love to know!

all white self portrait by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh

2 Zara shirts. H&M shirt.

Photography / Makeup / Styling / Modeling

Lary Rauh

all white self portrait by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh

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