Category: Design

Still Life

Since I have spent this year’s Easter holidays with two friends in Paris, I have been even more intrigued by classical architecture, paintings and sculptures.

Editorial Cow Collection - dress, designed, shot and styled by Lary Rauh

Cow Collection

Awareness is one big step.

Turquoise blue skirt with bow by Lary Rauh, editorial

Sewing and Ideas

What I love about ideas is the briefness, with which they come into being.

Graphic dress by Lary Rauh


Congratulations to the thirteen year old me, who messed up that dress. Not even in delirium. Chapeau!

New York Dress by Lary Rauh with yellow belt

New York, New York

They say home is where your heart is.
And mine is wrapped up in a New York-dress…

Draped watercolour dress by Lary Rauh

The Cloud

On workshops, watercolour and “the cloud”.

Lary Rauh Asia Top and Hat - 2

Far East Homage

Silk, brows & Rock’n’Roll textile colour.