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Picture explanation: Stand Alone

Insomnia is a glamorous term for thoughts you forgot to have in the day.

Alain de Botton

Written in retrospect. Time of the event: Spring 2018. Time of writing: Spring 2019. Time of posting: Spring 2020.

Perfect Illusion black and white self-portrait series by photographer Lary Rauh

Perfect Illusion

Originally, these were meant to be polaroids for a modeling agency I recently signed with.

Floréal editorial with burlesque dancer Janet Fischietto, shot by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh


A few weeks ago, in the midst of Floréal [lit. flower month or month of flowers], I had the honour of photographing Milan-based burlesque star Janet Fischietto shortly before her stay in Stuttgart ended.

An ode to Alexander McQueen, elegance and limits, editorial styled, designed, shot and edited by Lary Rauh

How limits create freedom

Having designed this dress about a year ago, I only recently got what I think is it’s real meaning and also the aesthetic foundation for the accompanying editorial. During a similar time frame I concerned myself with Alexander McQueen’s works for the first time and still am blown away by the incredible legacy he’s left behind.

Golden Girl Editorial, portrait by photographer, fashion designer and model Lary Rauh

Golden Girl

Turning 18 doesn’t only mark the start of officially being an adult but, in many cases, also the beginning of a new chapter in life. The next chapter.

Black and red gown designed by Lary Rauh and photographed for a golden hour editorial

The Dragon Lady

This is the story of a dress. A dress I made way back in 2015 for our Drama Club’s play “Das Traumbuch” (engl.: “The Book of Dreams”). The character it accompanied was called Bandras, the evil sister of Lenaia — her good-willed antagonist. A villain literally causing nightmares as she travels through innocent people’s dreams, destroying anything positive crossing her way.

Jewellery Campaign for Goldknopf Accessoires, shot by photographer Lary Rauh

Jewellery Campaign for Goldknopf Accessoires

Three years ago, in summer of 2015, I set foot into a beautiful little store in Stuttgart, the city I live nearby. I remember walking past it a few times before but never scraping up the guts to actually make it over the doorstep. With it’s lavishly decorated windows, displaying the most sparkly and sophisticated jewellery I’ve ever seen — outside of Vogue — this little store had and still has the potential to make you question, whether you’re not actually standing in front of a mini-edition of Bergdorf’s, Harrods or Selfridges.

all white self portrait by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh

All White Impro

This is my  – one and only – all white look I submitted to the crispy clean gallery of the Parsons x Teen Vogue program that I enrolled to last summer. As someone who constantly drops food (not intentionally, I’m not a monster) white clothing doesn’t really pay off, which is why roughly 80% of my wardrobe has shifted into a black abyss focusing rather on the variety of shapes and textures.

sequin glossy blue eyeshadow swarovski

Liberty London Inspired: Glossy Eyeshadow Look

One evening in London – as a matter of fact the last one of our week long stay – my friends and I were aimlessly roaming the streets of this monumental, favourite city of mine.

New Back with a bang editorial by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh, Wearing Kenzo gloves

Back with a Bang!

Back with a BANG! …and without bangs. Almost – at least – since I‘m currently growing them out. I‘m all about New Year, New Look, Old Me. The latter because 2017‘s „New Me“ didn‘t work out very well and whilst my creative fire was unleashed for the most parts of that bygone year – keeping me from studying for exams – personally, I wasn‘t satisfied with the person I had turned in.

baroque princess for a day editorial by Model Michelle Gehring and fashion designer, blogger and photographer Lary Rauh

Princess for a Day, pt. II

Welcome to part 2 of the »Princess for a Day« photo series, inspired by Oscar de la Renta and Peter Lindbergh. May this editorial tickle your fancy. 

baroque princess editorial by fashion designer, blogger and photographer Lary Rauh and Michelle Gehring for Laryconic

Princess for a Day

Just quickly stopping by to wish everyone a merry Christmas, share some recent, slightly Christmassy photo work with you and avail myself of my new-found “back to the roots”-spirit!

Red lipstick portrait by fashion designer, blogger and photographer Lary Rauh

back to the roots

Speaking of roots. Please forgive me, hair, for torturing you with a can of hairspray. 

Model Celine Imensek styled and photographed by designer and blogger Lary Rauh


Although the heatwave hasn’t nearly ceased, I kept my word and ventured out my dimmed room – where I’ve spent the last few weeks tanning in front of my PC – in order to shoot this fierce editorial with my friend Celine (the one, who went to NYC with me).

black lace dress self-portrait by fashion designer, blogger, photographer and stylist Lary Rauh

Gatsby and ballet

Between Gatsby-vibes and Semperoper ballet.

Unconventional shoe belt fashion editorial by designer and blogger Lary Rauh


Ladies and gentlemen: The result of me running on too little sleep, too much Matcha tea and not having an obi.

Costume Magic

Here I’m presenting you a dress, which functioned as a costume for the play of our schools Drama Club, last summer.

Graphic dress by Lary Rauh


Congratulations to the thirteen year old me, who messed up that dress. Not even in delirium. Chapeau!

Lary Rauh Asia Top and Hat - 2

Far East Homage

Silk, brows & Rock’n’Roll textile colour.