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Model Celine Imensek styled and photographed by designer and blogger Lary Rauh


Although the heatwave hasn’t nearly ceased, I kept my word and ventured out my dimmed room – where I’ve spent the last few weeks tanning in front of my PC – in order to shoot this fierce editorial with my friend Celine (the one, who went to NYC with me).

black lace dress self-portrait by fashion designer, blogger, photographer and stylist Lary Rauh

Gatsby and ballet

Between Gatsby-vibes and Semperoper ballet.

Unconventional shoe belt fashion editorial by designer and blogger Lary Rauh


Ladies and gentlemen: The result of me running on too little sleep, too much Matcha tea and not having an obi.

Costume Magic

Here I’m presenting you a dress, which functioned as a costume for the play of our schools Drama Club, last summer.

Graphic dress by Lary Rauh


Congratulations to the thirteen year old me, who messed up that dress. Not even in delirium. Chapeau!

Lary Rauh Asia Top and Hat - 2

Far East Homage

Silk, brows & Rock’n’Roll textile colour.