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Cinema Editorial, Lary Rauh shot by Roger Buerke for Anticipate Magazine

Coverstory for Anticipate Magazine – Issue 13

Surprise! Well, actually it’s not that much of a surprise anymore since I heavily promoted this on my Social Media channels (cue: check my Instagram and Facebook ;). But I wanted to give these pictures a special, separate place on this website.

all white self portrait by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh

All White Impro

This is my  – one and only – all white look I submitted to the crispy clean gallery of the Parsons x Teen Vogue program that I enrolled to last summer. As someone who constantly drops food (not intentionally, I’m not a monster) white clothing doesn’t really pay off, which is why roughly 80% of my wardrobe has shifted into a black abyss focusing rather on the variety of shapes and textures.

Byzantine Belt

It’s been more than two months, but – in my defence – I have done the opposite of taking it slow in those five months of 2017, although I didn’t come around on Laryconic much.

black leather jacket + ripped embroidered jeans Street Style by Lary Rauh and C-roe photography

Not so simple simplicity

Just quickly stopping by to share a few street style pics I took with c-roe photography a couple of days ago!

Gimme some Drama!

During the last breaths of 2016 I met up with Rüdiger Schestag and his wife – and make-up artist – Olga Schestag to spend a day in their studio over pizza, tea, a DIYed Alexander McQueen butterfly headpiece and a suitcase full of clothes draped across their comfy velvet sofa.

Design Mafia editorial by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh and c-roe photography

2016 Recap

As someone who gets more enthusiastic about New Year’s Eve than Christmas Eve and appreciates the scent of nostalgia swaying in the air during the last days of December, I thought I should note down the highlights and rock bottoms of 2016 in a little recap and take the chance to throw in a little editorial I’d like to title »Design Mafia«. Ladies’n Gentlemen: For me, 2016 has been the year…


This last week has been quite eventful and since I feel like I haven’t really lived up to your expectations concerning my promise to post more often, I just decided to sum it up quickly.

Head-banging session

Breaking news before I repeatedly break another radio silence: There’s been a growing number of questions flooding my IG’s Direct Message Box, so I decided to stand an FAQ page, where you can ask me questions and I can answer them for everyone to see. 

Zara athleisure turtleneck and black neoprene jacket with red floral embroidery by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh

Curved Neoprene

As I’m sitting in front of my PC, thinking about what to write after an almost month-long absence, I notice that much, but at the same time nothing, has happened in September.

Look in a sleek Karl Lagerfeld style by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh


After years of not having defined the one style I can truly indentifiy with,
the past months seem to have been both personality- and style-shaping for me. Apologies on my behalf if I scared you off with getting emotional ranting about me not being emotional, towards the end. 

fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh wearing red Zara tweed jacket in Taipei, Taiwan

Retro Quality

An impromptu smartphone editorial leading to an unintentional retro effect ft. a sailorlike outfit…

mustard yellow skirt by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh

All yellowed out

»All yellowed out«. A phrase, once mentioned in one of the comments by a reader, whose comments and opinions I really appreciate, since they always seem to be so unique and carefully crafted, not just the common »Amazing!«. Since the day I read that comment, about a year ago, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Unconventional shoe belt fashion editorial by designer and blogger Lary Rauh


Ladies and gentlemen: The result of me running on too little sleep, too much Matcha tea and not having an obi.

New York streetstyle by fashion blogger and designer Lary Rauh


»It’s virtually alive and of indefinable size.«

That’s what I told my best friend when she asked me about the birthday gift I’m going to get her.