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sequin glossy blue eyeshadow swarovski

Liberty London Inspired: Glossy Eyeshadow Look

One evening in London – as a matter of fact the last one of our week long stay – my friends and I were aimlessly roaming the streets of this monumental, favourite city of mine.

fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh wearing red Zara tweed jacket in Taipei, Taiwan

Retro Quality

An impromptu smartphone editorial leading to an unintentional retro effect ft. a sailorlike outfit…

beautiful sunset at the beach in Tainan, Taiwan


I unveiled how I got to know Winnie and visited her in Taiwan last week, so today’s on what adventures we experienced, where we went and what we ate.

fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh with Winnie Chen in Tainan, Taiwan


How I met my #BrainBuddy on the internet and jetted to Taiwan on my own.

black lace dress self-portrait by fashion designer, blogger, photographer and stylist Lary Rauh

Gatsby and ballet

Between Gatsby-vibes and Semperoper ballet.

New York streetstyle by fashion blogger and designer Lary Rauh


»It’s virtually alive and of indefinable size.«

That’s what I told my best friend when she asked me about the birthday gift I’m going to get her.

Still Life

Since I have spent this year’s Easter holidays with two friends in Paris, I have been even more intrigued by classical architecture, paintings and sculptures.

New York Dress by Lary Rauh with yellow belt

New York, New York

They say home is where your heart is.
And mine is wrapped up in a New York-dress…