all white self portrait by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh

Welcome to my FAQ page! Since I’m beginning to receive an increasing number of questions about fashion design, blogging and so on via Instagram and its Direct Message service, I’ve decided to collect the most important ones here. That way I don’t have to repeat it all over and over again. In case you’ve got any further questions, feel free to write a comment below and I’ll make sure to hold an answering session from time to time!

How long have you been designing?

Depends on one’s definition of designing. Around the age of 10 I started illustrating the ideas, which began building up in my mind onto default figurines I had printed out. Then, 3 years later, after multiple people had been telling me to do so, I started sewing. That’s the point in time, when I switched from drawing only and designing much fantasy/costume-like stuff to focusing on wearability, without neglecting the will to create something unique.

Where are you studying design?

Oh, I’m (sadly) not studying fashion design yet, since I’m still a normal high school student. But I’m gonna start applying for fashion schools in 2019.

Did you take sewing classes or are you self-taught?

Both, I’d say. I took sewing classes for 2 years, but am “teaching” myself since summer 2015. Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s nice to experiment a bit. Especially the sense of achievement is completely different, if you know you’ve accomplished something all on your own.

How many pieces have you made?

Never counted them, but I think 50 is a decent number.

Have you sold any of your work?

I was able to sell the costumes I made for my schools Drama Club to the school. Aside from that I’ve sold a couple of dresses and tops to friends or peeps on the internet.

Stay fash!