New York streetstyle by fashion blogger and designer Lary Rauh
Celine Imensek, New York, September 2016

»It’s virtually alive and of indefinable size.«

That’s what I told my best friend when she asked me about the birthday gift I’m going to get her. Can’t tell what it is yet, because you never know who’s reading these lines, but you will find out when the time is right. The gift’s not what I’m driving to, anyway. I rather want to elaborate on definition. Speaking plain English: the definition of friendship. There are people I know, who are best friends as long as they share a room, but as soon as one of them leaves they turn into backslappers. Don’t get me wrong, I would lie if I told you that I have never spoken badly about someone. I and one or two chosen ones do that quite often, and that’s exactly the point. These chosen ones are people who would never ditch me for popularity and I hope they know I would never, not under any circumstances, do so as well. In case you didn’t know, now you know.

Humans and characters differ and so I once had a friend, whose response to my mother’s question who she was buddy-buddy with, was similar to »I’m friends with everybody«. What she didn’t realize was the fact that there’s a difference between getting along with everybody and having real friends in whom you can trust, no matter what. It isn’t possible to be friends with everyone; the simple act of having to cultivate so many friendships would set me in a constant state of sheer stress. You get my point, I guess. There’s no way. Either you have a handful of good friends or you have none at all, because people who would ditch you for peanuts, replace you just like that for popularity, boys, or whatsoever, have probably never been right behind you.

New York streetstyle by fashion blogger and designer Lary RauhNew York streetstyle by fashion blogger and designer Lary Rauh

New York streetstyle by fashion blogger and designer Lary RauhMy best friend Celine, who took those wonderful pictures in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s soft shade by the way, and I met in middle school for the first time. She thought I was bitchy, I thought she was a nerd. Maybe that’s even true, but we made friends and couldn’t imagine living without knowing the other one now. I have a feeling, our friendship’s one that will last for a very long time.

»I’m unreplaceable.«

– Celine in maths lesson, yesterday


Then there’s another person, who I consider a very close friend, even though we have never met. A friend I made via one of the most important [or rather vital] inventions for 21st century society: the internet. We have been in continual contact for almost a year. Chatted, skyped, snapped. And, drumroll please, I’m finally going to meet Winnie in person, what implies me flying to Taiwan. On my own. In exactly two months. Saying that I’m excited would be an understatement. Make sure to check Winnie’s Instagram [her illustrations are insane] and add me on snapchat [@LaryRauh], when the time has come, to get an insight into our travel-diary.

See you, or rather read you. Hopefully you could draw some lessons from the wisdom I spilled today.

Almost forgot: Here’s another one of my eight leather jackets.

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Lary Rauh dress. Forever 21 leather jacket.
Jeffrey Campbell »Marvey Bow« shoes.
Pierre Cardin vintage bag. Urban Outfitters sunglasses.
Thomas Sabo bracelet.

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Celine Imensek


May 14, 2016


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