Head-banging session

Breaking news before I repeatedly break another radio silence: There’s been a growing number of questions flooding my IG’s Direct Message Box, so I decided to stand Laryconic.com an FAQ page, where you can ask me questions and I can answer them for everyone to see. 

New editorial slash outfit update for ya! I realised I’m tending to overinterpret designs, outfits and music not only here on Laryconic, but also in real life. Just as I realised or realized that I’m always alternating between American and British English. Did you notice? Nope? Fine, so I can keep that habit. Or maybe not so fine, because I’ll probably never be able to write proper English. As long as I’m still capable of overinterpreting…
Perhaps you’ve already noticed: I’m wearing one of my go-to getups again, recognizable by the pair of black jeans and the new leather jacket-family member. Concerning the rest of the outfit I went for one of my latest obsessions, a turtleneck, and topped it off with a delicate pearl choker from my favourite (or favorite, ha?) jewellery and pretty wares store Goldknopf. To cover the photography and overinterpretation part, I tried obtaining a rather dynamic look –  expressed through some aggressive head-banging and the half-worn jacket – to make it appear like my styles brighter, more girlish part is fighting with the darker, androgynous one. Which is actually happening sometimes, if not necessarily corporally. It happens about every morning, whenever I’m standing in front of my wardrobe asking myself “what do you want to transmit through your clothes today?”. Just kidding, but overinterpreting is a serious vice! Sarcasm too.


Goldknopf pearl choker. Zara leather jacket
and turtleneck. H&M jeans.

Stay fash!