Introducing: Laryconic by Lary Rauh

Lary Rauh, Measure Tape, black and white dress

This is This is me.

Lary Rauh, Measure Tape, black and white dress

It’s been a while since I published the last post and I guess I’ve never really figured out how to be absolutely happy with this website. Either I didn’t like the whole design – the main reason I’ve changed it ah lot in the past, and I mean a LOT – or I was dissatisfied with pictures, my style, discontinuity of publishing, etc.

Telling you, that I’ve found and settled on a certain style – the ultimate “Lary style” – would be the lie of the century. I’m still experimenting, but now I know what I want, who I am and who I want to be – starting with finally having a haircut I’m happy with. Seriously, I love that kinda (a)symmetrical heap of hair on my head.

To pick up the “I know what I want”-mantra, I’d like to make clear what’s yet to come. Laryconic hasn’t been appended with by Lary Rauh for nothing, njet. I want it to be some kind of online portfolio – cough, it’ll still be a blog, cough. Of course that insists uploading only, or at least for the most part, my own designs, namely sewn stuff – Miranda Priestly would be very disappointed about this choice of words, may she forgive me – illustrations, sketches and everything else that has a bit with fashion made by moi in common.

I have the wish to take photos showing my designs in a more “Vogue” kind of way. You know, speaking with pictures instead of words – what I’ve done pretty great within this post, I think. Well… You will see.

Stay fash! LR