Jewellery Campaign for Goldknopf Accessoires

Jewellery Campaign for Goldknopf Accessoires, shot by photographer Lary Rauh

Three years ago, in summer of 2015, I set foot into a beautiful little store in Stuttgart, the city I live nearby. I remember walking past it a few times before but never scraping up the guts to actually make it over the doorstep. With it’s lavishly decorated windows, displaying the most sparkly and sophisticated jewellery I’ve ever seen — outside of Vogue — this little store had and still has the potential to make you question, whether you’re not actually standing in front of a mini-edition of Bergdorf’s, Harrods or Selfridges.

When I stepped inside three years ago, instantly surrounded by sparkling Swarovski-ornamented necklaces, earrings and crowns as well as fancy ribbons and buttons, I would have never thought that one day I would be spending a Sunday shooting a campaign for what is now one of my favourite brands. But Elena, the owner and designer of Goldknopf Accessoires, put her faith into the hands (and camera) of a 17-year old which made me incredibly happy. Not only because my work will be visible in flyers and maybe even on some posters, therefore reaching more people, but also because this project serves as an affirmation for my previous, present and future path. I learned that I can stand up for my work and what I have accomplished so far the same way I stand up for my values and beliefs — with poise and a pinch of pepper — despite my young age. Or maybe even more so because of it.

After a test shoot in January, the real deal followed at the beginning of February. We shot the campaign at my house, so I wouldn’t have to carry my equipment through traffic. Quickly, our living room transformed into a place for styling: The coffee table decked with makeup, the sofa covered in delicate jewellery. In one corner a clothes rail with flowing wedding dresses, borrowed from the same store that dressed me up for the wedding shoot I did last February. And again: A year ago, I wouldn’t have believed to see these dresses again in this kind of context. Glad that’s the case! Thanks to all involved in this little dream come true!


Goldknopf jewellery. All about dreams dresses.

The Team

Hair / Makeup

Isabelle Barsch


Michelle Gehring

Celine Imensek

Jana Slatinski


Elena Braun


Lary Rauh

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