This last week has been quite eventful and since I feel like I haven’t really lived up to your expectations concerning my promise to post more often, I just decided to sum it up quickly.

As you can probably remember the week started off with Halloween, which motivated my friend and me to get a bit socially involved and attend a Halloween party. Truth is, it didn’t turn out that well, because if you’re no friend of today’s drinking culture you’re bound to being bored to death (nice Halloween reference, I know) at such events. Hardly anyone shook a leg, all the people just stood around holding alcoholic beverages, waiting for their drunkenness to finally happen. At least it seemed so. That’s why we decided to leave early at about 10:30 pm and throw in a Vampire Diaries marathon instead.
Fast-forward to Thursday, when I got up at 5 am to meet a friend in the city to queue up for the launch of the KENZO x HM collection. Although we were in front of the store when it opened its doors at 8 am, we had to wait until 9:40 am for our group to be let in. Two coffees later − since the only shop open that early was Starbucks − and I finally got my hands on these precious gloves, which were the only items from the collection giving my blood a rush, next to an embroidered, black blouse and a sweater. I didn’t buy said blouse and sweater though, because I heard Bill Kaulitz is going to drop his first collection this month and I need to have a bit of my non-existent money left. So damn excited!

Fast-forward to Saturday, the day I can note down as the day of my first shooting in a photographic studio with c-roe photography. It was a great experience and I learned that there’s so much I didn’t know yet, especially when it comes to lighting etc.
You’ll be able to take a look at the results pretty soon, so stay tuned!

Fast-forward to the present. Sunday evening. My room. I should be asleep by now, because tomorrow’s going to be a big day. Remember I told you, or rather told you I couldn’t tell you, about the birthday present I got for my best friend way back in May? Well, now I can reveal the secret: Tickets for Panic! At The Disco! In case you haven’t checked them out yet, I suggest doing it immediately, their music is fabulous af. Pardon my language.
I’m so stoked for the concert and will probably spam you on Snapchat and Instagram! My sympathies.

Photo Credit

Sinem Sahin


KENZO x HM gloves. H&M jeans. Zara turtleneck. Goldknopf earrings. Massimo Dutti boots. Vintage faux fur coat. BrainBuddies necklace.

Stay fash!