Liberty London Inspired: Glossy Eyeshadow Look

sequin glossy blue eyeshadow swarovski
Celine Imensek, December 2017

One evening in London – as a matter of fact the last one of our week long stay – my friends and I were aimlessly roaming the streets of this monumental, favourite city of mine. We had just had awesome Ramen at a place in SoHo and weren’t exactly struck by the thought of spending the rest of our last day sitting in our Bayswater/Paddington hotel room. But let’s say our feet had been quite busy during the past days, so there wasn’t much sightseeing left to do. At the beginning of the week I had expressed the wish to visit one of London’s classy old department stores but being – in a positive sense – subjected to the amount of breathtaking architecture, the energetic rush of crowds and history on every street corner London has to offer, even I forgot about it. Strolling through beautifully illuminated alleys, past high end fabric stores and record shops, we suddenly found ourselves in front of Liberty London. Which I immediately sought refuge in after I had bolted from a man dressed as a zombie, who had stood next to me on the street outside, waiting for me to look up from google maps to scare me while my friends giggled by my other side because I hadn’t noticed him yet. With my heart still racing from being jump-scared down the street I suddenly felt happy and kind of nostalgic as soon as I entered the store. When I visited London in 2014 it had been the first department store we had set foot in and even a few years later everything looked familiar.

swapping liberty london fabric for eyeshadow

We went through the whole store and didn’t miss a single floor. What I hadn’t known back in 2014 was that they also had a whole floor with fabrics only. Naturally, I spent a lot of time on that level gazing at all the prints, textures and colours. Especially eye-catching to me was a floral print resembling a water colour painting that was covered with a layer of tiny sequins. Even weeks after I got back from my trip, I couldn’t stop thinking about this particular fabric and since the giant bag of tea I got in Chinatown hadn’t allowed me to fit anymore things into my suitcase, I hadn’t bought a yard or two. Instead I decided to recreate the fabric. Only I wouldn’t recreate it as a fabric but translate it to makeup instead. And thus this vivid makeup look was born. I painted a similar pattern with eyeshadow and covered everything with a generous amount of gloss to resemble a subtle sequin shimmer. To make the look pop I hired my friend Celine to lend me her green eyes and be my canvas for an afternoon. I also finally got to finish this tulle blossom dress that I started in 2014 and then abandoned, but the thought of it not only visually but also thematically accompanying the look finally made me finish it.

Let me know whether you like makeup posts! Personally, I have found great pleasure in experimenting with colours and shapes on faces too, besides doing it with fabric only.

liberty london sequin fabric eye-makeup swarovski jewelry
Liberty London Sequin Fabric

Celine Imensek


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Lary Rauh

sequin glossy blue eyeshadow swarovski
liberty london sequin fabric eye-makeup swarovski jewelry

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