New York, New York

New York Dress by Lary Rauh with yellow belt

They say home is where your heart is.
And mine is wrapped up in a New York-dress…

New York Dress by Lary Rauh wih bracelet

To be honest: No city has ever blown my mind like New York did. Maybe not even London, but I’m not sure which one I shall bestow the title upon. So, here’s the key information: Packed with twice as many suitcases as we were people traveling – and Taylor & Alicia on our playlists -, my parents, my bestie and me ventured forth into a week full of excitement, adventures and best… Fashion and art overload! I would have liked combining these two terms, but the outcome wouldn’t have been appropriate.

Manhattan New York City Skyline by Lary Rauh

New York Dress by Lary Rauh with yellow belt
New York Dress by Lary Rauh - logo embroidery

 Our hotel was located half a kilometer away from Times Square, so my bestie and I were able to stop by and get our dose of rousing atmosphere and 24/7 shops on a daily base. I swear I’ll always remember, how we spend two evenings in a Forever 21 branch, rummaging through all its four floors in search of a skirt, just to find out it has been sold out. Of course we didn’t only spend time with painting the shops red or rather with flattening our noses against 5th and Madison Avenues breathtakingly pompous windows, we also did a lot of sightseeing and museumseeing, if you will pardon the expression. The “China through the looking glass”-exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was my personal favorite, since it was a balanced patchwork out of fashion and culture.

Speaking of patchwork, did you notice the amazing NYC themed agglomeration this dress is blessed with? The fabric shows several locations of Manhattan and attracted my attention immediately, when I saw it in the dry goods store of my trust. I added some transparent stripes into the sleeves and underneath the neckline to get rid of the long shirt feeling it would have had otherwise. On the first day someone approached me about the dress right away, you can’t believe how unreal it felt to be complimented in the street!

But that shouldn’t be the only compliment we would get, because there was that one time we put on our onesies and walked the streets as Hello Kitty and her Unicorn BF. And that was epic. And seemed to be very cute. At least that’s the conclusion I would draw from all the “cute” and “sweet” cheering.

Unicorn and Hello Kitty onesies at Times Square in New York
New York Manhattan Skyline by Lary Rauh

Metropolitan Museum of Arts New York City - Lary Rauh
New York Dress by Lary Rauh dynamic photography

Natural History Museum New York

Up to now that should be all about the city that never sleeps, but I’ll sure let the one or other anecdote slip, like my bestie and me being considered as twins at Henri Bendel’s (which was pretty cool, since so many people here at home think we are twins; although I would have never thought that there would be someone in New York, who assumes that…).

Stay fash!