All yellowed out

»All yellowed out«. A phrase, once mentioned in one of the comments by a reader, whose comments and opinions I really appreciate, since they always seem to be so unique and carefully crafted, not just the common »Amazing!«. Since the day I read that comment, about a year ago, I couldn’t get it out of my head. So here I am, finally creating a post about an all yellow outfit! I like how great the mustard yellow jacket and ruffle skirt go with these golden Gucci-vibe heels and create a melancholic, sunny glow (because it’s dark yellow. Dark = Melancholic. Get it? Me neither.)
As those, who are reading my blog (or rather looking at the pictures) for a while now, may have already noticed, I’ve changed the website-design again. In case this is your first time on Laryconic or you came across my now weird portfolio-blog-mashup quite recently, congratulations! You didn’t have to witness all the theme changes I made in the past, when I would update the webdesign once a month just to make sure I was genuinely dissatisfied with it. Hopefully , I will keep feeling contented with the way looks at the moment, because setting up new themes is pretty exhausting. Enough of that and to a goal I’ve finally managed to accomplish: Posts/Articles (call it however you want) accompanied by music. In January I announced that I wanted to create atmospheres with each article using visuals, music and a teaspoon of crappy writing. I honestly have no idea what took me so long, since the process of installing a plugin, which enables playing background music and uploading some music files isn’t such a big deal, so let’s blame it on my lazy weaker self. I haven’t decided, whether I will use background music for every article, yet. Probably only if I feel inspired by a piece of music. And that drives me to the next topic I’d like to discuss today: Fashion and music. In my opinion these two components go clearly hand in hand with each other, inspire each other, like all the arts do. Music is well known for being able to trigger emotions, it can draw tears or a smile to our faces. Fashion on the contrary, might not be renowned for the same emotions, but I find it highly interesting how a piece of fabric, shaped and colored in a certain way, can improve one’s self-confidence, f.e. when you’re dressed in clothes you’re comfortable with, your self-esteem’s a lot higher than if you aren’t satisfied with your outfit choice. Comfortable clothes don’t have to be cozy clothes, like sweatpants; for some they may be, but I prefer chicer clothing, like blazers, leather jackets, suits and similar stuff, because I feel serious and safe wearing shoulder pads, blouses and ties. It gives me a feeling of power. Not crazy. Is there a study how clothes can affect people’s behavior? If not, somebody conduct one, please.

Stay fash!


Background Music

»Fashion!« by Lady Gaga


Lary Rauh skirt. Zara leather jacket. Topshop shoes. Chanel scarf (probably fake, it was a gift). Custom Goldknopf earrings.


May 29, 2016


Design, Editorial

  • Aw, thank you for mentioning me, sweetness! I realize I’ve been haunting your blog for quite a long time now hahah. Gotta blame it on how sweet your replies are plus (obviously) your sense of fashion. I appreciate the hard work you put into this space and yes, music and fashion are soul sisters – I agree! These shots are brilliant, mustard yellow can be tough to wear but you made it your own :D xx