Red lipstick portrait by fashion designer, blogger and photographer Lary Rauh
Red lipstick portrait by fashion designer, blogger and photographer Lary Rauh

back to the roots

December 19/2016 – Editorial, Photography

Speaking of roots. Please forgive me, hair, for torturing you with a can of hairspray. 


Sometimes you have to restart, sometimes you just need to track back your steps to identify the moments in time when you felt satisfied with what you were doing. That’s the takeaway from my most recent life contemplating session. I didn’t feel dissatisfied with my work in the same way I did a little more than a year ago before restarting and pondering about the quality of my content in general, but I felt sort of disconnected. Then I started going through photos, looks and opinions from the after-reset times and was suddenly hit by the realization that the key to recovering my level of satisfaction maybe resided in going back to the roots and combining the atmosphere of former works with the skills I’ve developed up to today. As the first and easiest step towards this concept, I photographed myself in front of a black background again, which I haven’t done in a while because I’ve been so busy trying to shoot at various locations that I went astray and lost focus of what mattered to me in first place. It wasn’t street style. Don’t get me wrong. Street style pictures can be nice, but they lack the depth of a well shot portrait.



Well, in my defense: I wore a black top.

Photography, Styling and Make-Up

Yours truly.

Stay fash!


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  • Love this, Lary girl! I do like your street style photos as well as this form of portraiture, you do both rather brilliantly. And your content is always fresh, witty and exciting. I see what you did with the blog layout as well, and I quite like the feel! I admire you for always raising the bar. Love that lipstick and your hairstyle here, please do more of this photo work!! :D x

    Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

    • Thank you so much, Shanaz!! I apologize for taking so long to answer!
      Glad to hear that I’m able to transport the wit ;)
      As for the blog layout, I might change it again pretty soon, let’s see! :D I’m currently working on some new portraits, but as long as they aren’t finished here’s some street style!
      Thanks for always coming back here!!!

      Stay fash!
      xx, LR