Byzantine Belt

May 21, 2017 – Outfit

It’s been more than two months, but – in my defence – I have done the opposite of taking it slow in those five months of 2017, although I didn’t come around on Laryconic much. God, 2017 is almost halfway over. Time flies. That’s why here’s one of my most-worn winter looks from February, which may not seem very helpful or inspiring given the current weather situation, but let me tell you that summer’s going to be as halfway over as 2017 in a month. Or next week. Depends on global warming (more like global cooling).


What, hopefully, isn’t depending on global warming is the new content I’ve been and still am producing, now that I’m finally facing the end of the semester and exam season. So far, I’ve gathered quite a lot works over the past months, photographic ones as well as modelling, directing and sewing related works. Look forward to all those upcoming project reveals and a surprise concerning Laryconic’s look! But right now, feast your eyes on a slightly more stylish version of Bibo from Sesame Street. Slightly.


I’ve come to love the simple combination of an overall black look, preferably featuring a black turtleneck, with a nice coat or jacket, making said shoulder hanger the centerpiece of the look while maintaining the secret agent vibe I’m digging. A nice extra are statement belts like the embroidered golden one I found at a vintage store, which – with its Byzantine appearance – could have been taken from a Chanel collection just as well.

Yellow statement coat and belt styled by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh and shot by C-roe photography in Stuttgart

Creenstone coat. H&M jeans. Zara turtleneck.
Massimo Dutti boots. Vintage belt via Madame Süsette.


c-roe Photography

Stay fash!


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  • Hahahah, Big Bird is my favorite Sesame street character, oh boy that show takes me back in time. You’re so funny. I love the secret agent vibe too and girl, you make anything you wear so sophisticated with a touch of mystery. I quite like that very much. And I feel that it is quite a palpable theme in all your posts. I hope you will keep this space alive with your sense of curiosity, passion and unending creativity :)