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Here I’m presenting you a dress, which functioned as a costume for the play of our schools Drama Club, last summer. »Das Traumbuch« [engl.: the book of dreams], as the play was called, has been written by our drama teacher and, in short, deals with the classic good vs bad storyline. Was called, because there were only four performances before the play and all its characters, costumes and its scenery disappeared into the void. I played the role of a fairy called Flora and this is the actual costume I wore on stage, minus the »fairy-wings-representing«-cape and a pair of killer heels. Along with the other three fairies and the leader of the dark side, all of whom I’ve made costumes for, the energy was truly magical. In an attempt to transport some magic with this editorial, I obviously used lots of highlighter and gave myself a makeshift tulle collar. I’m in love with that shiny jacquard fabric the dress is made of. It’s breathtaking, isn’t it? Like, literally. It’s pretty tight.

Maybe I will showcase the other costumes in the future too, if not: I’m in charge of this year’s costumes as well. Stay tuned, it will have something to do with uniforms. Here’s a hint.

I also wanted to share some changes I made here on Laryconic with you. There’s the new Pin It-button for example, which allows you to easily pin any picture or article onto your pinboard, and I’ve finally set up an e-mail newsletter. Make sure to subscribe either by clicking »subscribe« on the left or by completing the subscription form below and never miss your weekly dose of editorials, design and music again!

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Lary Rauh dress.



May 8, 2016


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  • Oh my goodness, these shots are so pretty, like magazine-worthy! I love your jacquard dress and how you went with the soft blue and pink theme.Oh and let’s not forget the hair – So perfectly styled! And your pose! I saw what you did to the layout of your blog – it’s really lovely, Lary! Brilliant job! <3 xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Thanks for running me over with compliments, Shanaz!;) I don’t know how to thank you enough, but your words really warmed my heart❤️
      As for the layout – I decided to turn Laryconic into a blog/portfolio-mash-up, so it’s easier to browse through and flatters my work a bit better, I think.
      Are you on facebook?

      Lary <3