Cow Collection

Awareness is one big step.

The last weeks I kept out of sight were full of ups and downs, occurrences and wasted time. Bad news: Death has demanded my grand-aunt Trude and my budgie Karl. Pretty good news: No more exams for almost three weeks and… I’ve started sewing again! [You can stop applauding now.]

Though, here are some – for todays fast-moving world – «old» pieces. I’ve sewn them two years ago for a «commercial» some class mates and I had to shoot for social studies. The topic was «meat consumption», but feel free to take a look at it yourself:

Cow Collection - dress, designed, shot and styled by Lary Rauh

We wanted to make people think about what [or rather who] they eat. Humans dressed as cows can also be seen as double standards, because there’s something humanoid in those cow’s eyes as well. I don’t want to force anybody to become vegetarian. One step at a time and awareness is one big step.

This small «Cow Collection» contains a dress and a two-piece, made of an embossed, white, cotton fabric, which was embroidered with black lace patches.

I promise it won’t be another month until we meet again.

Cow Collection, dress, skirt and crop top by Lary Rauh


Editorial Cow Collection - dress, designed, shot and styled by Lary Rauh

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Stay fash!

Lary Rauh «Cow Collection». Jil Sander boots. Silver necklace.


February 29, 2016


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