Paolo Roversi inspired editorial taken by photographer Rüdiger Schestag, Make-Up by Olga Schestag, Model Lary Rauh
Paolo Roversi inspired editorial taken by photographer Rüdiger Schestag, Make-Up by Olga Schestag, Model Lary Rauh

Gimme some Drama!

March 7, 2017 – Editorial, Outfit

During the last breaths of 2016 I met up with Rüdiger Schestag and his wife – and make-up artist – Olga Schestag to spend a day in their studio over pizza, tea, a DIYed Alexander McQueen butterfly headpiece and a suitcase full of clothes draped across their comfy velvet sofa. The result wasn’t only a stunning portrait of me channeling my inner Effie Trinket, but this and another little photo spread, which will be released when the time feels right. I really am impressed with the accuracy Rüdiger managed to lend these pictures a bit of that Paolo Roversi-essence with; making them not only photographs but paintings, downright pieces of art. The predominance of black and emerald not only captures my possibly equally dark heart, in combination with the theatrical spotlight and the overall dynamic feel it could also trap viewers into believing these pictures were snapshots taken from a real theater performance and I love a good drama. Even the make-up Olga did on me adds to the theatrical atmosphere, I write, kepping my drama teacher’s reminding words to always over-emphasize eyes and lips for performances, because they’d drown in the brightness of the stage lights, otherwise. As for the ’costume’, I went for an emerald green satin skirt, a just as rich-coloured, velvety mesh top – with its patches reminiscent of a motocross top, which is quite an interesting breach of style – and my generic black boots. When speaking about my hair, I’ve been asked whether I was wearing a wig more than a couple of times and always had to deny it, although in this case, it would have been a great addition to the depth of the theatric if I could’ve told you I was wearing a wig for real. Well, no such luck! »Gimme some Drama!« was an actual quote Rüdiger shouted at me during the shoot. Have fun imagining what play these photos could have been taken out of. I already have a tendency…


Beate Heymann top. Zara skirt. Massimo Dutti boots.


Rüdiger Schestag

Make-Up Artist

Olga Schestag


Yours truly.

Stay fash!


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  • These do look like paintings. I’m in awe. I appreciate you letting me into the world of theatrics as I remember reading that you designed costumes for your school drama projects. It’s really inspiring and a delight to see how you are very passionate about it. Your hair is impeccable as always and I guess that could be one of the reasons people wonder if it was a wig. Never stop shining, you talented one! :)