Congratulations to the thirteen year old me, who messed up that dress. Not even in delirium. Chapeau!

Who said you can’t wear dresses in winter? And who said it is winter, anyway? I would rather call it early spring, since there are 15°C and loads of sunshine outside. Not to mention all those mountains of sparkling, white, non-existent snow. Very wintery. Ironically, the virtually tropical conditions didn’t keep me from going down with the flu. Maybe I should really overthink my dress-theory… So everything I’ve been doing for the past days is lying around, complaining about the bad television program and philosophizing while being delirious with fever. Oh, I forgot: I’m literally able to watch my muscles decrease. Seriously, my legs feel like jello.

But back to the dress. It’s the second dress I’ve ever sewn and its making is far back in the past. About 3 years ago. The seams are so crooked, it could have been sewn in delirium just as well. Nevertheless I have something spare for this graphic retro-pattern, hence I created a kind of deconstructed graphic artwork. Thought I could do something different from time to time. Let me know about your thoughts.

Graphic dress by Lary Rauh

Graphic dress by Lary Rauh

Graphic deconstruction Artwork by Lary Rauh

Graphic dress by Lary Rauh

Dress and belt detail shot

Stay fash!



Lary Rauh dress. Reversible Tommy Hilfiger belt (similar here). Zara blouse.


December 30, 2015


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