Leather Jacket Dedication

These pictures are dedicated to one of my wardrobes garments, which I certainly enjoy the most. In fact, it’s probably also the article of clothing I have spent the most time searching for. What I’m talking about? This gorgeous, red leather jacket. I have always been a sucker for leather jackets – the first one found its way to my closet in first or second grade, I think – but since I got my hands on this one in particular, or rather since I’ve started seeking a red one, it has turned into an obsession. The story begins in spring 2015 when a younger version of me decides a red leather jacket would be a great addition to her, then too colorful and over-the-top, style. By now I’ve forgotten what triggered such desire exactly. Guess that’s not relevant. As already mentioned, I spent a lot of time with crawling clothes racks – virtual and real ones equally – but I never came across a well-shaded red jacket. And THEN my family and best friend aka twin from another mother travelled to New York. While spending an evening at Forever 21, near our hotel, I accidentally entered the children’s wear department and there it was… a light pink leather jacket. Well, no such luck! Anyway, it fit and pink was a start. Back in Germany, it must have been October and I had almost given up any hope I ever had – because if you can’t find something in New York City, then where? – I found a red leather jacket! I wasn’t even looking for it when I noticed it hanging on the rack, screaming my name with its screaming color. Here I am now, finding myself in receipt of eight leather jackets, three of whom bought just last week, unplanned… kind of.

That’s been the story of my leather jacket obsession. Is there anything you are obsessed with?

As for the music, I used »Make Me Wanna Die« by The Pretty Reckless to form the background to these pictures, since I listened [and sang along] to it while taking them and the song’s sick!


Stay fash!


Background Music

»Make Me Wanna Die« by The Pretty Reckless


Mango leather jacket. Lary Rauh crop top [available here].


April 30, 2016


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