As I was recently trying on outfits I could shoot for a Laryconic editorial, I discovered how uncomfortable wearing clothes the ‘fashion-magazine’-kinda – only halfway dressed –  way could be. Plus: Badass eyeshadow game and pointless Lary-banter.


When I was recently trying on outfits I could shoot, the moment of doffing my turquoise/blue bandeau top inspired me to take these self-portraits. Having it pulled halfway across my shoulders I stopped, looked in the mirror and thought:»Why not try that ‘I-can’t-put-my-clothes-on-completely-because-I-am-tryna-look-edgy’-look for the next Laryconic editorial?« Well, I understand it’s supposed to channel nonchalance, but hear straight from the horse’s mouth that although it might look laid-back it is uncomfortable as hell. I couldn’t even lift my left arm, properly. For now I will go back to wearing my clothes how they’re supposed to be worn, at least until I find a way to make them simultaneously look and feel laid-back.
The next three weeks are going to be stressful and rough, due to Drama Club performances and exams, though I will try to blog more often. Probably just in the form of quick status updates, similar to this one. Better than not blogging at all (like I practiced the past weeks).
Status: I’m wearing my hair shorter again and am inspired to sew my heart out more than ever before, which is what I’m going to start with as soon as I’ve finished the costumes for my schools Drama Club. I’m off doing so. See ya!


Stay fash!


Zara blouse. Lary Rauh bandeau top (see the matching skirt here). Urban Outfitters sunglasses. Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. Vintage leather jacket.


June 19, 2016


Design, Editorial

  • That’s a pretty bandeau top to go with the skirt which I saw and oh my goodness, do they look amazing! Please do a post on you wearing both? Fabulous design + cool editorial, Lary! I’m always surprised and inspired when I come here :) xx

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Thanks a lot, Shanaz! Glad to hear you find this an inspiring place<3
      I'll work on an editorial featuring both!