Personified Unconcern

November 27/2016 – Design, Editorial

In between loads and loads of exams (because festive season isn’t stressful enough as is) I finally came around to sit down in front of my beloved, dying laptop to give you and my future self a little update.

The last time I showed up on here, which seems to have been years ago, the secret about my best friend’s birthday present was revealed (→ catch up here) and here’s my review on the concert: If you ever get the chance to see Panic! At The Disco live don’t hesitate, DO IT! Side effects could be spending the subsequent week thinking about nothing other than Brendon Urie’s hella amazing vocals. I warned you.

However, maybe you remember another event I told you about in the last post that has something to do with studio photography. Does that ring a bell? Yes? Fine. Because hereby I proudly present you the first result of the shooting for which I teamed up with c-roe photography. For me, it was the first time shooting in a real studio – not in my cute, collapsible, makeshift one I bought on amazon – and in the beginning being photographed by someone else and not being able to look at myself in the cameras rotatable screen felt strange.

Orange paisley mini dress by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh, photographed by c-roe photography

I think the results are quite impressive, given the short amount of time the shooting was planned and conducted in. Normally I don’t prepare my shoots at all, but then it’s just me and the camera and I can do whatever I want. This time I had to transmit my visions to another person and make sure they’d correspond with the other person’s ideas. We went for a grey background to complement the paisley fabric of the dress I was wearing. The dress was made by yours truly about 2 years ago and former me, who wasn’t that forward-thinking at the time, didn’t think of an appropriate occasion before creating a dress like this.Instead I just did, not wasting a single thought on the fact that I would probably never be able to wear this one-shouldered, ruffled whiff of nothing without looking like a movie star being in the wrong film that is life. Sometimes I miss this thoughtless unconcern in my creative process, where I wouldn’t focus even the tiniest bit on wearability. Or rather: I wouldn’t focus at all but just let my creativity flow. I’m trying to obtain some of this carelessness and bring it back, especially since I should start building a portfolio for my appliance to fashion schools soon. Hope you like the shots as much as I do!

Photo Credit

c-roe photography


Lary Rauh dress. Earrings.

Orange paisley mini dress by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh, photographed by c-roe photography
Orange paisley mini dress by fashion designer and blogger Lary Rauh, photographed by c-roe photography

Stay fash!


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  • Thoughtless unconcern – I quite like this term! I think it’s akin to being in a state of creative flow where instead of struggling mentally to figure out, you let go and somehow, you’re in the process of creating something. Goodness, Lary, I love your thought process, so young and very, very wise! Beautiful too! That dress is lovely, perhaps you could maybe dress it down for everyday wear? Would love to see that :D xo

    • They call me Lary the wise, you know. ;P Nah, just kidding, but thanks a lot for your encouraging words once again!
      I actually wore it, when I was in NYC and it was quite interesting to see how differently people treat you if you’re walking around in an evening dress. You’re right, I should try dressing it down, guess that’d make an interesting article on here! xx, LR