Still Life

Since I have spent this year’s Easter holidays with two friends in Paris, I have been even more intrigued by classical architecture, paintings and sculptures. Scarcely responsible for my kind of sudden interest in former epochs’ magnificence are Givenchy, their typical t-shirts and a certain WeHeartIt collection by yours truly, which has the incredibly creative title »magnificence«. Therefore I decided to recreate an 17th-century influenced, painting-like photo series and throw some still life (the typical still life fruit), as well as modern (pants in the 17th century?), elements in. Along with a couple of photos I took at Musée du Louvre and Château de Versailles, I’m trying to convey the atmosphere composed by mixing old and new. To prime the gallery you can switch on Clean Bandit’s »A+E«, which represents the perfect mix between Classic and Electro, old and new.

If you take a closer look at that pullover I have sewn about a year and a half ago, you will notice the initial-shaped elbow patches on its sleeves. Back then I gave it the name »Monogrammed Knit«.

Stay fash!

Lary Rauh pullover. H&M pants. Jeffrey Campbell »Marvey Bow« sneakers. Vintage scarf. Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. Skagen watch.

Background Music

»A+E« by Clean Bandit.


April 23, 2016


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