Sewing and Ideas

Turquoise blue skirt with bow by Lary Rauh, editorial

What I love about ideas is the briefness, with which they come into being.

black jacket, blue eyeshadow make-up, editorial / portrait by Lary Rauh

This skirt is probably one of the last pieces I’ve sewn. In fact, the last time I sat down to my sewing machine was in November and I’ve been pretty busy with exams since then. Not that I have no free time at all, I have some. And not that I see sewing as work in a certain sense. But I also don’t esteem it relaxation either, it’s somewhere in between. That’s why I spend most of the last months’ free time either on We Heart It creating collections, finishing the Harry Potter series or putting Fall Out Boy on shuffle. Speaking of music, I found my (almost ten year-) old Discman today and was run over by a wave of nostalgia, because it reminded me of how I used to listen to exactly two CDs when I was little: My favorite band’s first two albums. People and their favorite bands… Can you recommend any artists?
Between all that slouching there were also some bright moments, when I send some applications for a one-week placement at a company, thrown by our school, for instance. Proudly I can announce that I will spend another week at the fashion design school, where I participated in a workshop last summer.
Then there might be another, still continuing bright moment. I had the idea to create «full package-articles» instead of the common prattle ones. No idea what I’m talking about? Me neither. Just kidding. Even if the concept isn’t perfected yet. I thought of posts, which let you dive into another world and stimulate ideas; posts, which show you pictures, poems and provide music as a background. Think of it as an art or rather photography exhibition in your living room. Or kitchen or cellar or office or restroo–…wherever you and your computer or mobile device are.
What I love about ideas is the briefness with which they come into being. Same with this skirt. I created it in the morning, probably within two or three hours, and wore it in the evening. The thought of its non-existence several hours before was so strange, it almost took my breath away. The thought of being able to say: «This didn’t exist when I woke up». Can’t wait to start sewing again in my winter break.

Turquoise blue skirt with bow by Lary Rauh, editorial

turquoise blue skirt by Lary Rauh, black bow, jacket, Editorial
Turquoise blue skirt with bow by Lary Rauh
Stay fash!