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Festive luxury Christmas editorial by Lary Rauh, ice queen

Christmas Editorial ‘Alice in Winter Wonderland’

Just in time for December, I collaborated with Goldknopf Accessoires on a Christmas editorial so unprecedented, it won’t fail to immediately boost your spirits into a festive mood.

Floréal editorial with burlesque dancer Janet Fischietto, shot by fashion designer, photographer and model Lary Rauh


A few weeks ago, in the midst of Floréal [lit. flower month or month of flowers], I had the honour of photographing Milan-based burlesque star Janet Fischietto shortly before her stay in Stuttgart ended.

Jewellery Campaign for Goldknopf Accessoires, shot by photographer Lary Rauh

Jewellery Campaign for Goldknopf Accessoires

Three years ago, in summer of 2015, I set foot into a beautiful little store in Stuttgart, the city I live nearby. I remember walking past it a few times before but never scraping up the guts to actually make it over the doorstep. With it’s lavishly decorated windows, displaying the most sparkly and sophisticated jewellery I’ve ever seen — outside of Vogue — this little store had and still has the potential to make you question, whether you’re not actually standing in front of a mini-edition of Bergdorf’s, Harrods or Selfridges.