beautiful sunset at the beach in Tainan, Taiwan

I unveiled how I got to know Winnie and visited her in Taiwan last week, so today’s on what adventures we experienced, where we went and what we ate. One of my first actvities in Taipei was visiting the biggest fabric store I’ve ever seen – three floors stuffed with fabrics of all imaginable kinds. That’s where I found a beautifully embroidered fabric, which I’ll be using for a neoprene jacket I’m planning to craft.

Furthermore we went to numerous malls and shopping districts – including Dior and Louis Vuitton, where we were followed by shop assistants who might or might not have known that we could hardly afford any of their goods – took the lift up Taipei 101 and enjoyed the impressive view. Looking down on the gleaming city lights a sudden thought crossed my mind and I realized that behind all those illuminated windows people were living their lives, creating memories. People were born or died, laid foundations for their future or experienced calamities while I was standing on top of the fifth highest building worldwide, looking down on the 2,7 million citizens of Taipei. That moment raised my awareness for how crazy the fact of meeting someone like Winnie amongst all the human beings living on this planet was, significantly.

fashion designer, photographer and blogger Lary Rauh in Taiwan
paintings at Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Selfie of Winnie Chen and Lary Rauh inside Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Selfie of Winnie Chen and Lary Rauh inside Taipei Fine Arts Museum
pastel pantone sky over Taiwan
Taipei skyline from Taipei 101
Selfie of Lary Rauh and Winnie Chen inside Taipei 101, Taylor Swift Style video vibes

We also visited the National Palace Museum, where I had the chance to learn something about Taiwan’s history and culture, though I had some trouble dealing with the air conditioning. But my favourite spot was undoubtly the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, probably because I’m an art museum geek at heart. If you live in Taipei or want to spend your holidays in Taiwan you should definitely give it a try! Chou Shih Hsiung’s current exhibition »Wait until it Dries« was especially mesmerizing, since it felt like entering a giant hall of mirrors. 

When jaunting to Chiaohsi and Tainan I spent most of the car trip listening to music and trying to fall asleep, which − in hindsight − wasn’t that much of a good idea, because I missed out on seeing Taiwan’s landscape. However, although driving to Tainan* took about as long as driving to my grandma’s place, it was worth it! The food was delicious, the city beautiful − let alone the amazing sunset at the beach − and we got #BrainBuddies necklaces at Taiwan’s oldest department store.

Speaking of food, I probably got to try everything** the Taiwanese  cuisine has to offer and really liked it for the most part. From stinky tofu to soy-sauce-soaked eggs***, rice balls, pineapple cake and various kinds of noodles, soups and fruits to a massive matcha feast featuring matcha pudding, matcha ice cream, matcha tea and matcha cake(s), everthing was available.

These were some concise impressions I brought back home, hopefully you enjoyed reading it and could maybe even learn some facts. I tried to break it down as quick as possible and stuff it with details, since I don’t feel able to put the enormity of this trip into words. Perhaps I’ll mash mine and Winnie’s snapchat stories up and create a slideshow, but I’m not yet sure whether I’ll upload it or not.

beautiful sunset at the beach in Tainan, Taiwan
Tickets on top of Taipei 101
fashion designer, blogger and photographer Lary Rauh with Winnie Chen

*Taipei’s in the north of Taiwan, Tainan’s in the south; so we almost crossed the whole country

**everything in the limited vegetarian range ;)

***no idea what the official term for it is, but they’re delicious!

Matcha feast flatlay in Taipei, Taiwan

Winnie Chen and her family, Lary Rauh


August 10, 2016



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