The Headturner

Lary Rauh edgy editorial fashion shoot
"The Headturner" Top, 2015

Feel free to argue.

Dotted ruffle top by fashion designer Lary Rauh

For this shoot I obviously experimented with eyeshadow and -liner. But I don’t only paste eyeliner onto my lids for some photos. More likely it’s part of my morning routine. Because the only way to distract people from the bags under my eyes is to mark those above them in an even darker shade. What do they say? The bags under my eyes are Prada, right. Well, at least during exam weeks – and there have been some in the last time. Sometimes I feel like my life hops from weekend to weekend, from holiday to holiday. Island-living is the name I gave this incidence. Vacation and the weeks’ endings are the islands, the rest is comparable with the oceans: sometimes stormy, sometimes smooth. I can’t recall what I did the last 4 weeks; nothing special happened, except for announcements over announcements of new exams, vocabulary tests and presentations. You don’t notice how time flies until you find yourself at the end of the year wondering how it can be December already. As soon as the lessons start again this scheme will probably continue, but for the moment let’s just focus on the weekends and holidays of life, which can be as colorful as the working weeks can be grey. Colorful like this top I’ve created in this years summer holidays, for example (and here’s the scheme again – I rarely sew during the week). The ruffles are made of paisley patterned, pink silk I bought in India, unlike the rest of the top that is out of an orange/white dotted fabric. I’m a sucker for crazy color combinations and orange/pink has just become one of my favorites. When I wore the top and this skirt with orange platform sandals on vacation, it was just like I slipped into the role of a clownfish from Finding Nemo. That outfit was definitely a headturner – it’s open to arguement, whether in a good or a bad sense, but who cares? Each to their designed by Lary Rauh

Lary Rauh edgy editorial fashion shoot

Ruffle top by fashion designer Lary RauhMake-up Portrait by Lary Rauh

Stay fash!